Pooja’s Priorities


Pooja believes in equitable, connected, and accessible transit, streetscapes, and sidewalks. As your City Council Member, Pooja will fight for community-driven transit reform that keeps us safe and expands access to opportunity across Austin.

Public Safety

Pooja believes in community-driven reforms to law enforcement to keep our communities safe. The philosophy behind her Community Centered Services Plan is to meet people where they are. She takes a holistic approach to public safety that emphasizes equitable and sufficient resources, infrastructure, cultivating trust between the community and first responders, and wraparound health services tailored to the communities we serve.

Good Government

Pooja believes good government is transparent, accountable, accessible, engaged, and responsive. As an Austinite, Pooja has already organized town halls about the City budget. As your City Council Member, Pooja will make sure citizen participation is a priority and that your government is working for you.

Housing Affordability

Pooja believes in eliminating barriers. Pooja knows how important it is to offer affordable housing and encourage community input. As your City Council Member, Pooja will bring communities to the table to drive smart growth and fight displacement in an equitable way.

Domestic Violence and Assault

Pooja believes survivors. As a pro bono attorney, Pooja has years of experience helping survivors of domestic abuse get access to resources and stay safe. As your City Council Member, Pooja will make sure the City of Austin provides community services to survivors of domestic abuse.

The Environment and Climate Change

Pooja believes in protecting the environment. As a member of the City of Austin’s Climate Equity Steering Committee Task Force, Pooja has participated in shaping Austin’s plans to combat climate change. Pooja is committed to protecting our green spaces and ensuring Austin water is clean, affordable, safe, and dependable. As your City Council Member, Pooja will fight to make Austin greener and more equitable.

Economic Development

Pooja believes supporting small business and local businesses is essential for a healthy economy. As a member of the Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, Pooja has been working to protect local businesses because she understands that small businesses are the backbone of our community.