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Endorsed by Run For Something
Endorsed by Run For Something

I stand with Pooja

Pooja is thankful to have the support of so many in her campaign. If you want to add your name to the list, submit the form below.

Leaders, Officials, and Organizations
Dr. Carla Brailey, Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair
Hon. Julie Anne Nitsch
Hon. Ana Cortez
Hon. Gloria Dhalakia
Nguyen Stanton, City Commissioner
Kolby Duhon, President of Texas Young Democrats
Aimee Boone Cunningham, Community Leader
Chito Vela, Community Leader
Alejandrina Guzman, Statewide Organizer and Advocate for People with Disabilities
Ashley Cheng, DNC Committeewoman and Rouser Texas Co-Founder
Shellie Hayes-McMahon, Community Leader
Cindy Montgomery, National Womens Political Caucus -Texas
Max Lars, State Democratic Executive Committee SD 21
Jen Ramos, State Democratic Executive Committee SD 21
Sara Groff, State Democratic Executive Committee SD 5
David and Naomi Friedman, Community Leaders